Phase 1

Hey guys, welcome to my page! I think of myself as I was called by Chris Harrison, “a renaissance man,” so you may have found me from a few different places. I was a serious athlete when I was younger, in swimming and baseball. I chose to focus on baseball as my talents leaned in that direction. For a long time played division 1, but when that was all over and I didn't achieve my athletic dreams I turned to the stage.

Phase 2

I earned a theater degree, and eventually amassed about 40 plays under my belt, I’ve been on big Hollywood sets as a stuntman and actor, as well as had some roles on some tv series here and there SMILF, Love, 9-1-1 and others. You can find me on your local cable stations if you look! If you want, you can look up my IMDB credits if you're interested under Leandro Dottavio. I also had a successful and tumultuous reality TV career.

Phase 3

Having been a longtime observer of the human psyche, I’ve found my niche in comedy. My comedy isn’t for your grandma but might be ok for your mama hahaha. These life observations and commentary are the basis for most of my performances on YouTube's booming channel "Danny Mullen" and "The Leo and Danny Show" Podcast. I have my own YouTube channel as well, look for Leo Dottavio and come follow along on the “Life of Leo.” I perform regularly in some of LA's top clubs and tour the country as well. Many of our fans from the “The Danny and Leo Show” Podcast have demanded that I share my tips and advice on how to get the girl.

Phase 4

I now have a Patreon (Leo Dottavio) where I offer my patrons their choice of levels from videos on fitness advice and examples, videos on how they can (and WILL) up their game with women and get those socials, all the way up to the more personally involved levels, which absolutely guarantees you WILL get pussy.

Through sports, acting, stunt work, comedy and connecting with you personally - Nothing makes me happier than entertaining and helping people. Ask me things, watch my vids, I know that life ends one day so I'm living it the way I want too. And you should too!

Now that you know about me, take a look around my page. I have pictures, some of my comedy bits, clips from my YouTube channels and podcasts, a taste of what you might see if you become one of my patrons, and a hint of some Leo merchandise coming your way soon!

Leave a comment, ask a question, get on my mailing list to be the first to know when my media drops, and let’s have a good time out there fellas!